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TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス ボアアップキット・シリンダー ビッグボアキット NSR250R NSR250SE NSR250SP■商品番号


Wiseco、VHM *
【付属品 (NSR300キット)】
シリンダー x2個 (ヘッドスタッド、RCバルブ、プーリー&ナット/ワッシャー付属)
リアヘッド x1個
フロントヘッド x1個
ピストン x2個
リングセット x2個
ピストンピン x2個
ピストンクリップ x4個
S】Eベアリング x2個
ヘッドガスケット x2個
シリンダーガスケット x2個
RCバルブケーブル x4個
ウォーターホース x1個
エキゾーストマニホールド x2個(TYGA パイプ対応)

NSR250R MC18
NSR250R MC21
NSR250R MC28

This 300cc Big Bore Kit is identical to the TPER-0007 300cc Big Bore Kit、but the standard 300cc heads and pistons are replaced with high performance options.
In this case we have forged Wiseco pistons that are lighter and stronger than stock、and also changable insert VHM cylinder heads、which have been specifically developed by TYGA and VHM for use with the TYGA 300cc Big Bore Kit.
See below for performance details for TPER-0007.
Bore & Stroke is 59mm x 54.5mm giving a total displacement of 298cc.
Other information:
There is no problem about the RC valves hitting the piston due to thin cylinder wall thickness. This is not an issue on our kit as it’s using different cylinders、not modified NSR250.
They are genuine OEM Honda cylinders、made and plated in Japan to their typical high quality.
The RC valves are easier to adjust than ever on the 300 kit、as there’s only one adjuster screw to play with、and each cylinder marked at the correct ’fully open’ position for simple setting.
Exact Jetting requirements for your area and application cannot be provided due to differing atmospheric conditions around the world. However、following are some base settings to work from:

MC21 Std bottom end、Wire splice、TYGA Pipes、Airbox lid mod with filter.

Temp: 29 C
Press: 1015mb
Hum: 65%
Alt: 30m

MJ - #182】#185
JN - Std.】Std.
SJ - #38】#38
AS - 1.5 turns out
PwrJ - Std.】Std.

Tip: Cooler temps、higher pressure and】or lower humidity require richer jetting. High altitude requires leaner settings. Starting off with rich settings will in the worse case foul a plug. Too lean a setting may destroy the engine.

This jet set-up is for guidance only. TYGA Performance cannot be held responsible for any engine damage incurred due to incorrect settings.

At present、this kit is available by special order. Each kit takes approx. four weeks to prepare.
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From: Reichart H. To: matt@tygaperformance.com Sent: Wednesday、October 25、2006 10:43 PM Subject: 300 kit street

Hi Matt、
the 300-kit on the street is absolutely phantastic. Power and power. Its a long time ago、since I have had as much fun like today. I made a break-in ride through the lower parts of Switzerland. Revved not more than 10’000 after 200 km with max. 8 - 9’000. Burning picture of the plugs with half open throttle is a nice milky brown. Setting with unleaded 98 octane gasoline and 2% oil in the gasoline is: MJ 160】160 SJ 38】38 AS 1 1】2 PJ 75】80 Spark plug NGK BR 9 ECM.
Mounting the kit was very easy and only small problems with the stock fairing.
All in one、this engine is more than just fun. My congratulations. Let’s hope、that I can say the same with the race 300 project.
Best regards、Heinrich

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From: Mal Harding To: matt Patterson Sent: Wednesday、July 11、2007 4:08 PM
Subject: 300 Impressions

Hi Matt.

You made me think a bit here. I’ll try explain my thoughts.

First of all - My ideal motorcycling day is riding a road I don’t know so It needs reading as I ride it (local knowledge changes how you ride) and knowing at the end、that I beat the road.
On the 4 strokes this becomes so much easier because the road is everything. Keith Code maybe would have said if you have $10 to spend on the ride you’d use $9.50 on the road and only need .50c for the bike and yourself.
My 2 stroke riding changes everything. I need at least $3 now、leaving only $7 for the road so I work harder. But if I get the same result it is much more sweeter.

There is also the strokers garnish - the pose - seeing astounded 600 riders as they can’t stay with it - the conversations at meets - the envy in the eyes of those who dare not change........

I have no NSR 250 yardstick for a direct comparison but have memories of my ’Prilla RS 250. Also bear in mind I’m still finding my 2 stroke head.
I also ride a Fireblade all day long at work so this will interfere with my judgement.

First impressions are that the motor is very strong. The biggest surprise is there is a mid range that is actually useable - not like a 4 stroke、but its there、and with practice and planning its enough to ride normally in traffic without having to stir the gear box too much and scream everywhere.
Once out on the open road though I tend to ride it more like the traditional 250.

The mid range isn’t enough to dilute the strokers personality and I could summarise by saying the 300 is beefier everywhere、including the satisfaction gained from riding it. I seem to recall having to change down in a strong headwind on the ’Prilla. That will not happen on the 300.

This is only one example of the difference.
Exiting fast bends the motor actual helps the bike be more stable as it pulls earlier. Not delivering too much power、but definitely driving forward. So
this can be done with the bike still cranked over as its a smoother delivery. You get this smooth transition to the powerband and then its off! By then
though the corner is dealt with and the bike is on its way to being more upright. Hence more stability.

I don’t believe there is any significant top speed bonus. But you have to understand I don’t like to nail it on long straight roads for lengthy periods and just sit there waiting for the speedo. I didn’t want an NSR for that.
However on my recent trip to Scotland it would climb to an indicated 110mph very quickly and strongly then sometimes 120 would be easy sometimes 120 would be a struggle. This may be down to the conditions 】 altitude (weather was changeable) or the size of my breakfast.
This didn’t worry me、as I say it’s not its purpose in life.

I understand the purist view ( I agree with most of it) but in the real world on real roads I get the impression that If I rode with a 250 the rider and bike would be working 10% to 15% harder than me to keep with the 300. If I then found that extra 15% myself、、、、、、bye bye.

Carb settings I know little about. I have a note somewhere and will search them out.
I wish I knew more about stuff like that to be honest and I could then understand if it needed a nip and tuck sometimes. I am really envious of you guys who know the facts.
Plus I’m the only stroker owner in my group so I can’t pick anyone’s brains.


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