August 31th - September 4th
Palazzo degli Affari - Firenze Fiera
Piazza Adua 1, Firenze
Welcome to Firenze!
It is with great honor and pleasure that I announce the joint conference PEVOC & MAVEBA 2015. In fact 2015 will merge for the first time the two events that since many years bring together the international scientific community that deals with all aspects of the human voice.
The PEVOC was born in 1995 and therefore in 2015 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its establishment: an important milestone that clearly expresses the strength and interest of the scientific community for the topics of this conference that has seen over the years a growing involvement. The most significant themes of PEVOC are: pedagogy, art, medicine and science. PEVOC takes place in different European cities every two years.
The MAVEBA workshop came into being in 1999 from the need, particularly felt, of sharing know-how, objectives and results between areas that until then seemed quite distinct such as bioengineering and medicine, dealing with all aspects concerning the study of the human voice with applications ranging from the neonate to adult and elderly. MAVEBA takes place every two years always in Firenze, Italy.
Over the years the initial issues of the two conferences have grown and spread also in other aspects of research such as occupational voice disorders, neurology, rehabilitation, image and video analysis, and as a result there were also overlaps albeit partial, between the two conferences that nevertheless remain different in the basic objectives. Thus the joint Conference PEVOC & MAVEBA 2015 may be an opportunity for discussion on a wider scale than individual conferences.
Therefore it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I wish to invite all of you to Firenze for what, thanks to your contribution, I'm sure will be a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us.
Claudia Manfredi
Chair of the PEVOC & MAVEBA Conference 2015, Firenze, Italy